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Limousine Services In Sacramento

When you search for personal or professional limousine services in Sacramento, you want the best. At Universal Limousines, we take the hassle out of your search. We know that although Sacramento has several limo services to choose from, you’ll want the one that offers you safety. That’s why we offer:

Safety Certified Chauffeurs
Our drivers participate in the Chauffeur Transportation Safety Program. They have the highest level of training in keeping you safe at all times. Our drivers set the standard of accountability for all chauffeurs to follow. Your comfort and safety are guaranteed with Universal Limousine.

The National Limousine Association and the QVM-CMC Vehicle Manufacturers Association recommend only riding in limousines that are built to QVM standards. This ensures you that all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards have been adhered to. It guarantees the vehicle conversion was performed with the best engineering and quality control for your safety. Every vehicle in our fleet is from QVM modifiers that are currently listed on Ford’s QVM list.

Drug Free
Universal Limousine is proud to offer an entirely drug-free work environment. Employees are pre-screened prior to hiring. Drug testing is also performed randomly on site as part of our insistence on maintaining the best quality employees. When you work with Universal, you can be sure you are getting the top limousine services in Sacramento with the most reliable drivers in the area.