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Member NLA

Universal Limousine and Transportation is a proud member of the National Limousine Association since 1993.  Members of the NLA agree to abide by a Code of Ethics, which emphasizes professional conduct and fidelity to the interests of the client. An NLA member is serious about their business and voluntarily makes an investment of time and money in their industry. As an NLA member, Universal has access to seminars and reference materials to further our ongoing professional education so that we may go above and beyond for our clients’ and exceed their expectations.


Not only do our stretch limousines comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) as required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), but also our entire fleet is QVM certified.   What is QVM? Qualified Vehicle Manufacturer is an authorization from the car company (Lincoln, GM or Ford) that the limousine has been stretched to meet its safety standards, including upgraded suspension and braking systems. Our QVM fleet ensures that our clients are riding in the safest and strongest made limousines on the road.

Chauffeur Safety Certified

Developed in conjunction with the National Safety Council, the Chauffeured Transportation Certification Program is designed to recognize and reward quality service and safety. Each of our Universal chauffeurs undergoes periodic evaluations and testing, as well as continuing educational safety programs.  Our chauffeurs are trained in the finest details of the profession so that we may exceed our clients’ expectations.

Drug Free Workplace

Universal Limousine is a drug-free workplace. Pre-employment testing and periodic random testing is done by our management team on the spot, helping to ensure our clients with the safest and best quality chauffeurs in the industry.

GPS System

GPS System – Our vehicles are tracked with the latest in Global Position Satellite technology, to ensure your safety and get you where you need to go on-time, avoiding any last minute detours and delays.